Stainless Steel Pavillion Lux 300

Product Description

Amazing and spacious retention pavilion!
Waterproof, metallic structure among the highest quality in the world !!!
Suitable for high-tech establishments, upscale structures, exclusive communities,
And for anyone who wants to create an exclusive environment
Upscale high tech look !!!
Includes an integrated desk and drawer

Width * Length * High: 2100 * 2100 * 2400mm

Color: Stainless steel

1. The central wall: using the Phi 150-1 / 4 profile, an extruded aluminum alloy arch.
2. Secondary wall: Aluminum alloy FangTong profiles.
3. At the top of the arc use an electrolytic plate consisting of welded wiring after high temperature heating (color of choice).
4. Weifeng board for high temperature electrolytic board (color of choice).
5. The middle wall body stands on a double-sided skeleton, each 8mm wood sealing bracket, cream-colored interior panels, steel panels.
6. Rainproof, galvanized roof.
7. A board is used as a base for the structure, with an aluminum surface painted on white for decoration.
8. Aluminum door, alloy profile, 4mm white glass.
9. Steel profile window, 4mm white glass.
10. Power: Dark wire will be applied, 21W energy saving with fluorescent lamp, set of sockets with switch, set of tapered socket.
11. FangTong iron extras are used as the base for the floor, with 2 mm intervals there are zinc-coated steel panels (10 mm) to prevent slipping.
You can add solar lighting + rooftop solar panel plus charge for places without electrical infrastructure

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