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Website Policy:
The provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall apply to any use and purchase made by you in the Store, the Terms and Conditions constitute a binding agreement between you and the Store, for all intents and purposes.
Please read this agreement in full, as a precondition for a contract between the parties.
Browsing the store and / or purchasing products, expresses your consent to receive and act in accordance with the provisions of the regulations.
Therefore, if you do not agree to any terms of this Agreement, you are requested not to make any use of the Store.

1. Terms

"The Company" - Safety Giant Ltd., Business Registration Number 513495812, Derech Hayam 11 Yavne, Israel, which operates the site known as S.O.S. 365 Online

"The site" - a commercial site, used as a virtual store.

"Product" - goods sold on the site for legal use only.

"Buyer" - a person (including a corporation) who makes a purchase on a site that is (or the age of the customer in the name of a corporation) over 18 years.

"Bank transfer" - a money transfer (including a cash deposit) to the company's account.

"Credit Company" - a company that issues reputable credit cards in Israel.

"Working days" - Sundays-Thursdays, except holidays, holiday eves, strikes and general Saturdays in the economy.

"Distribution areas" - the areas in which the product is shipped through the shipping companies with which the company is associated.

2. Product order

2.1 The images on the website (including color-related items, etc.) are for illustration purposes only, When the detail in the caption that appears next to them, it alone binds the company.
2.2 Purchasing a product on the website will be done using a reputable credit card or by bank transfer. You can also purchase the product at the company address.
2.3 Ordering the product will be binding to the company only after the buyer’s credit company's approval of the transaction has been obtained by the company. In the case of non-authorization of the order by credit card, compensation of the product will be provided only after authorization is received by the credit card company or approval of bank transfer.

For clarification, the buyer will be obliged to bear the charge for the product-as payment authorization was not provided by the credit card company or bank transfer.
2.4 The buyer must enter the details required by the system.
Incorrect details by the buyer will be charged to the company's expenses.
Disruption / or incorrect filling in of details concerning the description of the product, its price, details, credit card, etc., will buy the company the exclusive right to cancel the transaction-free without the need to give notice and without the buyer being charged for the cancelled order.
2.5 Disruption / or failure to fill in details regarding the delivery of the product in due time, will result in the product being returned to the company.
The customer will be charged for the shipping costs and handling fees, at the rate stated in section 4.4 below.
2.6 The company's records - as received by it, will be used as evidence to be recorded by the buyer.
2.7 The company may cancel a transaction if the product is out of stock or there is an error in the price or any other information.
In such a case, the buyer's credit card will not be charged and / or refunded any amount received in respect of the transaction.
2.8 To the extent that the installation of the product is required, the buyer must contact the company for it to be scheduled by an authorized individual in order not to detract from the company's warranty for the product.

3. Supply

3.1 The cost of shipping the product is as advertised on the website. The shipment will be made to
the distribution areas stated
The buyer must make sure when ordering that the delivery address is in the distribution areas.
3.2 The company will deliver the product within 14 working days to the address provided.
This will commence on the date of receipt from the credit company (or bank transfer - as the case
may be).
3.3 Notwithstanding the above, the company will not bear any responsibility and / or liability for delay in the delivery of the product.
Whether or not the reason for the delay lies with the company, the buyer is entitled to demand the cancellation of the transaction as stated in section 4 below.

4. Cancellation of a transaction

The buyer will be entitled to cancel the transaction under the following conditions:

4.1 The buyer will notify no later than 14 days from the date on which he received the product, of his desire to cancel the transaction.
4.2 The Buyer's notice shall be made in writing or orally (including by registered mail, fax or e-mail), It will specify his name, ID number and reason for cancellation.
4.3 The buyer will return the product to the Company's warehouse, in its original packaging, intact
and without defect - as received, provided that no use is made of the product and provided that they
have not passed 14 days from the date of receipt of the product, together with the original invoice and the warranty certificate that was provided.
Returning the product to the company's warehouses will be at the customer's responsibility and expense.
4.4 If the transaction was cancelled due to a defect or non-conformity in the product, as a general
rule the customer may cancel the transaction subject to and in accordance with the provisions of the
Consumer Protection Law.
4.5 For first aid products, over-the-counter medications, opened respiratory protective masks,
breathalyzers for alcohol testing – these products are
These products that have been defined as perishable are non-refundable.
In addition, products that the customer requested registration or licensing in his name at government offices will not entitled to a refund or cancellation of a transaction after the licensing / registration.
4.6 A credit, cash refund, or refund confirmation to the credit company, will be received within 7 business days from the date of receipt of the product in the company warehouse subject to section

5. Product warranty

5.1 The company's warranty for the product (including but not limited to - incorrect description of
the product) will in no case exceed its purchase price to the buyer.
To clarify, the company will not be liable for any damage and / or loss - which will be caused directly and / or indirectly, caused by the buyer or by a third party.
5.2 A product that requires installation, shall be made by an installer authorized by the company.
If a product is not installed through an installer authorized by the company, the company will not be responsible for any fault / defect and the installation.
5.3 The warranty is for a period of 12 months for a defect in production and in accordance with and subject to the warranty certificate provided with the product.
In the event of a manufacturing defect / need for repair or replacement the buyer must bring the product to the service center of the company or to a qualified service lab of the product. Bringing the product and collecting it from repair / replacement will be by the buyer and under his responsibility.

6. Jurisdiction

A court in Tel Aviv will have the exclusive and unique authority to hear any matter, claim and
dispute concerning the product and / or to the transaction and / or to the parties of the transaction
and in the context thereof.

7. Privacy Policy on the Site

7.1. Your privacy is important to us. To improve the protection of your privacy we provide this information about our privacy protection policy and the options available to you during your visit on
the site and our conduct regarding the collection of information.
7.2. To verify the ads of visitors to the site, this information appears both on the home page of the site and at any point where personal information is required. This site is secured by the PCI standard. Credit card information is secure.
The information we collect - on pages on the site where you can order a product or service, request information, etc., information is required as detailed: name, address, email, phone, etc. Sometimes you can list relevant information for another person, for example, when ordering a gift for another person, their Name, ID, email, address, phone, etc. will be requested.
What we do with the information - The information provided to us in order to place an order for a product, service or information, we use it solely for the purpose of performing the same task and the
tasks derived from it. The information is not passed on to any other party. In case you sent us an email, we will use this address just to send an email back and we will not give the address to any other party.
The non-identifying information, i.e. information that has no reference to a particular person, may be used only to improve our site and our service. Information that is not anonymous or personal is also passed on to other parties for the purpose of monitoring, such as: number of subscribers to the newsletter, number of women visiting the site, no personal or identifying detail.

8. General
The company will be entitled to change and / or amend its policy at any time and will be binding to the buyer effective from the moment the buyer makes an order.