KING GUARD 1000 Luggage X-ray Machine

Product Description
General Specifications

Tunnel Size : 500(W)×300(H)mm
 Conveyor Speed: 0.22m/s
 Conveyor Max Load: 150 kg
 Single inspection dosage: < 1.32μGy
 Wire Resolution: 40AWG
 Steel Penetration: 10MM 
 Film Safety: For ISO 1600
 Orientation: Upward
 Tube Current:0.4~0.7MA(adjustable)
 Anode Voltage:80KV(adjustable)
 Angle: 60°
 Generator cooling/working periods:
 Sealed oil bath with forced air/100%
Storage Temperature: -20oC to 60oC
 Operating Temperature: 0oC to 45oC
 Relative Humidity:
 20 to 95% non-condensing
 System Power: 220 VAC (±10%) 50±3HZ
 Power wastage: 1.0 KW (Max)

 X-RAY Sensor:
 L-shaped array detector
 Single energy
Image Performance System:
 Display: High-resolution 19 inch color LCD display
 Color quality: 24-Bit real colors based on materials
 Edge enhancement: Object contour edge is more distinct
 Super image enhancement: Image detail is more distinct
 High penetration display: Increase the contrast of bright area in image to make the area that is easy to 
 penetrate appear more clearly
 Low penetration display: Increase the contrast of dark area in image to make the area that is difficult to penetrate appear more clearly.
 Magnifier: Partial magnifying function
Brightening/dimming: Increase/Decrease brightness of image
 Image recurrence: Display the previous twenty images and process any one of them
 Image restoration: Restore image to initial status
 Image storage: Real-time store any image and process it in operation status
Special features:
Network interface: Capable of connecting to LAN, and support multi-terminal check for baggage at  same time
 Safety ray: Ray is transmitted under automatic control, avoiding the error
 One-key shutdown control: Just rotate the key to shut down the machine; it is safety, easy and  convenient
 Eagle eye: Capable of expediently observing the magnifying area
 Self-diagnosis function: Give message automatically if malfunction for prompt maintenance
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