Advanced SOS M100 Tracker Detection System

Product Description

Sends a location in a text message
Or returns a location after dialing
Integral distress button
You can see the movement of the device on a map
Suitable for inspectors of security personnel
Suitable for animal harnessing
Suitable for detecting products such as trailing generators
Vehicles are very suitable for motorcycles and more ..
Suitable for couriers guards working on construction sites and field personnel and more.
You can see multiple devices in one app
There is no service charge or subscription fee
Insert a SIM card and the system works
An innovative product can work anywhere in the world subject to 3G solar coverage
The latest technology in the field !!!

Application and advanced computer software are provided in the package
Enabling real-time viewing History viewing history quickly
The most advanced app and software

GPS Sensitivity: -159 dBm
GPS accuracy - 5 meters
Built-in flash
Emergency SOS button
Rechargeable lithium battery for up to 30 working days
One year warranty in the company's labs

Maximum quantity available reached.

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